All parents need to be mentally prepared for this daunting phase of their life. Teaching them to read at a younger age can improve and possibly determine their development and communication skills.


However, flaws riddle the education system. The traditional and outdated method of teaching and learning to read only makes the process more difficult. Hence, this is why many parents opt for the Children Learning Reading Program instead.



What is the program “Children Learning Reading Program”?

This program is an eBook that is specifically for toddlers and younger kids. This book aims to teach and improve a child’s learning ability through phonemic awareness.


If you want to learn more about this program, then keep on reading. We will dive into an elaborate discussion on “children learning reading review.” 



What does this program consist of? 


children learning reading program


The composer of the project Children Learning Reading is Jim Yang. Jim Yang is a teacher who has put extensive research behind this. 


The program itself is divided into two stages broken down into fifty lessons. For both the stages, there are:

  • EBooks
  • Reading lesson videos
  • Workshops
  • Pre-set lesson printouts
  • Flashcards
  • EBooks on storytelling and nursery rhymes
  • Phonics Foundation Teaching Manual (32 step-by-step lessons, along with fun activities)


Additionally, there are Standard packages and Premium packages. For both packages, there are program upgrades and one-on-one consultations for 12 weeks with your child. The consultation can assist in answering the parent’s concerns and queries.


Moreover, it can also help in finding out if the child is truly benefitting from the program or not. Since the program has lifetime upgrades, you can always increase the child’s reading level if they show advanced development.


However, parents should take into consideration that this is a digital program. There are no physical products or books sent to you. All the lessons and eBooks will be available online to you after purchasing the program.



The Intended Age Group for the Program 

The “Children Learning Reading Program” is mainly for toddlers as young as two years old. Struggling children as old as ten years old can also find this program beneficial.


Jim Yang himself has four children who were successfully able to start reading at the age of two. His children were taught by the system that is a part of the program.


The first 2 to 3 years of a child’s life is when their cognitive ability is heightened. Thus, this ripe age is the perfect time to utilize their intelligence to make them learn how to read. A child’s critical development age is till they are seven years old. Thus, parents should strive to improve their child’s reading skills to stimulate their brain function for healthy academic development.



How Does the Children Learning Reading Program Perform?

In this Children Learning Reading review, we will analyze the techniques and procedures of this program.


First and foremost, the foundation of the Children Learning Reading Program is phonics. By understanding and being aware of phonics, children as young as two can learn how to read. However, you might question:


What is phonics, and how can phonemic awareness be helpful? 

Research backs up the claim that phonemic awareness is the most effective method of learning how to read.


With phonemic awareness, you can manipulate the sounds in spoken words. It also helps understand that spoken words and syllables are composed of sound sequences.


Phonemic awareness has many benefits:

  • Without phonemic awareness, children would find connecting speech sounds to their written words or symbols challenging.
  • Phonemic awareness helps in blending and connecting sounds to words.
  • It prepares children for print.
  • It is an easy method to sound out and read new words.


If your child is a toddler, around 2-4 years old, they will naturally struggle with phonics. The reason for this is that it is difficult for them to string words together. However, children who are 6-8 years old are much better at phonemic awareness.


Thus, you must introduce them to phonemic awareness when you are teaching toddlers how to read. With phonemic awareness, they will know what to do with those sounds.


The phonemic awareness and synthetic phonics that the Children Learning Reading Program uses are unique and creative. Hence, children can grasp the sequences faster, which enables them to become better readers.



The Children Learning Reading Program is Enjoyable


learn to read program


Introducing children to reading is their first step toward academia. We all are aware of how children, as they grow up, dislike studying. Unfortunately, it is a common observation. The main culprit behind this significant issue is the traditional educational system.


Along with being outdated, the educational system is boring and unnecessarily difficult. However, at Children Learning Reading, the design of this learn to read program is different.


The Children Learning Reading Program focuses on simplicity, efficiency, and enjoyability.

With these factors, children are mentally present and can engage in the learning process. Taking a keen interest in what and how they are learning allows the children to become more fluent and fast readers.


Various tales and stories accompany brightly colored pictures and fun rhymes that allow the child to learn yet enjoy themselves. Moreover, this learn-to-read program uses a systematic, logical, and sequential order that makes reading more effective.


Additionally, unlike the traditional schooling system where they use only books, the Children Learning Reading Program uses different forms of media. Digitally recorded lessons, videos, eBooks with printable worksheets, and lessons make this program an immersive experience for your child.


Thus, ensuring that your child stays thoroughly engaged in their learning process.

Furthermore, the design of these courses is built around the short attention span of a child. Therefore, each lesson is around 3 to 5 minutes. However, these lessons are captivating, educational, and engage the child to learn.



How is the Children Learning Reading Program Better than the Traditional Education System? 

Traditionally, in most school systems, children are not taught how to read using phonemic awareness. Instead, they are made to memorize the symbols of different words to read them. Hence, this can result in many problems.


Firstly, it isn’t easy to memorize sight words. The English language itself has over 170,000 words, and many of these words look very similar, for example, words such as bunt, hunt, barn, etc. It would be difficult for the child to differentiate and memorize even a hundred of these words.


Furthermore, sight-reading creates a lot of reading problems in the future. Hence, in turn, it affects your child’s development skills and IQ. By practicing sight-reading, children are taught to look at words like a picture and memorize them. With so many letters and words that appear similar, it can easily be confused.


Teachers and schools that encourage and teach sight reading are essentially instilling bad reading habits in their students. If a child is not able to recall what a word sounds like, they are most likely to skip over it or guess what it says.


With phonics and phonemic awareness, a child is less likely to skip or guess a word they are unable to read. This is because the child will know what sound the individual alphabets or the blend of letters will create. Thus, they will be able to match the word with what they are expecting to hear.


The technique of learning how to read with phonemic awareness, which is what the Children Learning Reading Program is built upon, teaches children how to read correctly. Moreover, it is an excellent strategy for developing and instilling confidence in children. By attempting to read a word by sounding it out, the child will trust their reading abilities more. Thus, helping them be more proficient.



Is the Children’s Learning Reading Program Effective? 

To simply answer the question: Yes, the Children Learning Reading Program does work. 78,600 parents are happy with this learning-to-read program. Many parents have seen incredible improvement in their child’s reading and learning abilities by purchasing this program.


The design of the “Children Learning Reading Program” is very user-friendly for all age groups. Whether it is a toddler, a nine-year-old, or an adult who wants to learn how to read English, the program caters to all. The reason for this is that learning how to read a language transcends age. The material has to be understandable, and the foundation of the language should be basic.


Moreover, this learn to read Program is a slow and steady process to not overwhelm your child. The systematic approach of this program helps the children to understand the content and master it. Only after being efficient at one stage, level, or technique can they progress further.


However, do not worry if you observe that your child is a slow learner. Every child has an individual learning pace with which they feel comfortable. The key to unlocking the success of this program is to help your child learn along the way.


children learning reading




How much time is to be invested?

As a parent, you only need to dedicate a few minutes of your day to help your child achieve their reading potential. A minimum of 15 minutes every day is sufficient to gain the most out of this program.


If you observe your child lagging, it will only take them a few extra weeks to catch up and complete the course. The result, in the end, will be just the same.


However, the effort of the parent(s) should be the same as the children. There is a noticeable difference in the reading ability of children. The difference is between those whose parents did and those whose parents did not actively participate in the program.


If you only devote a few minutes each week to your child’s program, they will not achieve their full reading ability. Hence, parents need to be equally involved in the Children Learning Reading Program to aid their children in developing their reading skills.



Pros of the Children Learning Reading Program

  • The “Children Learning Reading Program” introduces your child to phonics and phonemic awareness, which is the building block for learning how to read.
  • The design of each lesson is articulate and detailed, with a step-by-step process provided
  • This program is more affordable and has a reasonable price than competitors who are not as effective.
  • It uses a proven system that is scientifically backed by research.
  • It is very user-friendly and easy to follow for both children and parents.
  • The introduction in the main ebook is beneficial in teaching parents the benefits of teaching their children how to learn to read early.
  • Audio clips and videos help children how to pronounce phonics and specific words.
  • Short, engaging, and systematically designed lessons that cater to the distracted attention span of children
  • Captivating and fun phonic games that make learning more enjoyable
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • It is both mobile and computer-friendly.
  • Download all the lessons and access them according to your and your child’s convenience.
  • Diverse age ranges from as young as two years old to ten years old.
  • Parents can also learn about phonics if they never learned about it during their childhood.
  • No monthly subscription
  • Personal consultation with Jim Yang for 12 weeks
  • Lifetime program upgrade policy.



Cons of the Children Learning Reading Program

  • The program is accessible in digital form only which can cause eye strain to you and your child both
  • You need to have a strong internet connection to watch the lessons
  • Parents need to take a minimum of 15 minutes each day to help their child
  • The program does not have an app which can make it tricky to navigate and access the content
  • Your child needs to be consistent with lessons throughout
  • There is a giant leap in the difficulty level from Stage 1 to Stage 2
  • In Stage 2, the sounds of many words did not match their phonics, which confused the children
  • Requires access to a printer for worksheets and flashcards that can also add to the extra cost




The Children Learning Reading Program caters to the development needs of all children, from toddlers to pre-adolescents. The design of this program is to specifically develop and enhance your child’s reading and learning ability from the bottom up.


The development is done through the use of phonics and phonemic awareness. Thus, helping children understand the alphabet and their sounds from an early age. Moreover, further down the line, it also assists in children reading and forming complex sentences.


This learn to read program is a worthwhile investment for your child as it gives them an academic boost and enhances their social skills. Learning how to read fluently has a direct impact on speech development, communication skills, and vocabulary. Moreover, it instills the child’s confidence and encourages them to learn new skills.


This Children Learning Reading Review will assist in helping your child reach their true reading and academic potential. The credit is given to this program for creating a solid foundation that can help children achieve greater aspirations in life.


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