After a long day of school, your child wants to read something light, funny, and easy to understand. All kids work hard in their schools. But even after coming back home, there is usually homework or required learning looming over their heads.


This is tough for kids, and your kid may become tired of learning and studying. So you should have enough good books for beginning readers to engage your child in healthy activities.


But which books are considered best for kindergarten? A book for kindergarten should have large fonts and short sentences. In addition, there should be pictures to provide supportive clues to readers.


The words used should be simple and easily decodable. In general, the book should be colourful with interesting pictures to develop the interest of the child.


Your kid will benefit from beginning reader books if they are doing the following things:

  • Learning sight words
  • Starting to understand or decode the unknown words, mainly through chunking (breaking words into smaller parts)
  • Building fluency and making their reading smooth
  • Self-correcting if the words they read don’t make sense.


Books for beginning readers are best for children figuring out consonants, vowels, consonant words, bossy words, sight words, and other useful words in the modern world. Kids will also learn different forms of speech and how to talk to elders.


In addition, books are an excellent way to teach your children good manners. Good readers will always become successful in life.



10 Best books for beginning readers in kindergarten

In this article, you will get to know some classic books for kindergarten with affiliate links from Amazon. All of these books are sweet and easy to read. All of these easy-going books are among the best sellers and are readily available. Your child will absolutely love these books and will surely learn valuable things from them.



1. Grumpy Monkey

Grumpy Monkey is the New York Times best-selling book. It teaches children how to control their unexplained feelings. It is among one of the best books for beginning readers and popular among both teachers and parents.

The story revolves around Jim, a chimpanzee. Jim is in a terrible mood for apparently no good reason. His friends don’t understand his emotions— according to them, how can he be in a bad mood when it’s a beautiful day? They give a lot of suggestions for how to make him feel better and happy. But Jim can’t take all the advice and has a bit of a meltdown. Could it be that he just needs a day to feel grumpy?

The story is written by Suzanne and illustrated by Mac Lang. These two bring attention to a vital lesson on emotional literacy. They teach the kids that it’s okay to feel upset sometimes without any reason. They demonstrated that kids are allowed to feel their feelings without being guilty.





2. Strictly No Elephants

Strictly no elephants is New York Times best selling and internationally beloved book. This book depicts that friendships are beyond borders. This picture book shows the magic of friendship and the joys of having a pet.

Strictly No Elephants is written by Lisa Mantchev and illustrated by Tae Eun Yoo. On the PET Club’s day, all children walk with their cats, dogs, and fish. One child walks with his little elephant. The club’s members can’t understand that pets come in all shapes and sizes. They restrict the child from having an elephant as a pet.

The child makes his own club by the name ‘All are welcome’. All the children with unusual pets gather there. This story depicts ‘friends never leave anyone behind. Illustrations in the book also emphasize this warm message.





3. Never Let a Unicorn Scribble

Never Let a Unicorn Scribble is a book that teaches children creativity. It also teaches children how to remain persistent and how they should come up with creative ideas to solve problems instead of giving up.

Never Let a Unicorn Scribble is written and illustrated by Diane Alber. This book is about a little girl tired of hearing ‘Never let a unicorn scribble!’. She thought that unicorns could run on rainbows, so why they can’t scribble? In her heart, she believes that people just don’t know how exciting and beautiful scribbling is. She has a Unicorn. She keeps trying to teach her unicorn how to scribble. But soon, she realizes it is much more complicated than she anticipated. So after some thought, she comes up with a brilliant idea to get her unicorn to scribble. At first, her idea seems like a complete disaster but eventually ends up being genuinely magical.





4. Big Egg

Molly Coxe is an author and illustrator of this fantastic book which sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. It is a sweet and lovely book that teaches children about love and compassion.

One day Hen wakes up to find a giant egg on her nest. She has no idea where it comes from or who does it belong to? Is it from a parrot? The cow? The dog? Or the cat? This big egg will keep up the little guessing game throughout the story. And the best part is it’s a good book for beginning readers. It teaches the lesson of love and acceptance.






5. The First Grade Friends: Lunch Box Surprise

Lunch Box Surprise is one of the best books for beginning readers written by Grace Maccarone and illustrated by Betsy Lewin. This book teaches children about the love, care, and joy of sharing.

The Lunch box surprise depicts the time when one day Sam’s mom forgot to pack his lunch. It’s lunchtime, and all children sat down for their lunch. But Sam discovered that he has no lunch box with him. Sam became sad and hungry, but his first-grade friends help him by sharing their lunches with him. This is an easy to read book that demonstrates childhood and friendships. This book also gives the lesson to children that ‘sharing is caring. Children also learn that they should always take care of their friends or someone who is struggling.





6. Drop it, Rocket

Drop it Rocket is a fantastic book by Tad Hills. It is one of the New York Times best-selling picture books. This book encourages children to learn new things and decode new words.

Drop it; Rocket depicts a story about a dog named Rocket. Rocket is eager to find new words for his word tree with his little yellow bird teacher. Firstly, he finds objects and then learns their names. He finds a leaf, a hat, and a star, but he does not want to go when he finds a red boot. He can’t learn new words if he will not let go. There is only one more thing that is more special to Rocket than red boots. But will that make him drop it? This whole book is easy to read and interesting for kids.





7. Fox the Tiger

Fox, the Tiger by Corey R. Tabor, has won the 2019 Theodor Seuss Geisel Award. It is a story about a fun-loving, mischievous fox who wishes to be the Tiger. Tigers are big, fast, and sneaky, so; he decided to become a tiger. Soon turtle and rabbit also join the fun but will the fox want to remain a tiger forever?

In Fox the Tiger, kids will learn that the best thing is to be yourself. It teaches kids that everyone has their qualities. No one should compare himself with others.







8. May I Please Have A Cookie

Jennifer E. Morris is the author of May I please have a cookie. This book is a best-seller, and it will teach your proper kid manners. The story revolves around Alfie, who learns that the best way to get delicious cookies is to say please. Alfie loves cookies his mother bakes. He wants more than one cookie but doesn’t know how to ask. Grabbing for one, fishing for one, and dressing up as a cookie inspector do not work. His mother says that there is a better way to ask for a cookie. What is that way? Beginning readers will learn manners about asking something from someone with Alfie as his mother will teach him how to say ‘please’.






9. Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten

Joseph Slate is the author, and Ashley Wolff is the illustrator of this book. This rhyming and perfectly illustrated book will prepare your children for their first day at kindergarten. Many children feel nervous and anxious on their first days at school. So this book will comfort them. This book is multifaceted and appealing so the children can enjoy it.

Miss Bindergarten is a hardworking teacher. She will ready the classroom for her new twenty-six students class. At the same time, Adam Krupp will wake up, Brenda Heath will brush her teeth, and Christopher Beaker will find his sneaker. Miss Bindergarten will give the finishing touch to the classroom just in time, and the students will arrive minutes later. Now the real fun begins. This book is a good pick for both school and home.





10. Silly Milly

Silly Milly is easy to read with an appealing title, great game, and excellent illustrations. Wendy Cheyette Lewison is the author, and Nadine Bernard Westcott is the illustrator of this book. This rhyming and delightful book is really captivating.

Silly Milly is entirely a riddle book. It will challenge your kids to solve different puzzles. What does miss Milly like, and why does she like it? Miss Milly likes green but not red. She prefers seeds over flowers. She likes butter but not bread. And she likes umbrellas but not rain. Readers will guess why miss Milly likes what she wants. It will engage your child in problem-solving the whole way through. And with lively illustrations, the kids can read them for hours.




How to pick the right book for your child?

Although, All the books previously mentioned are among good, easy and best books for beginning readers. But not every book is a good pick for every child. So how will you know which book is a good pick for your child?


Do the following things before picking a book to make sure that the book is easily understandable for your child. You must make sure that your child loves the book you are picking up for them. So here are few things to select a good book:


  • Find and pick a book of your child interest, whether it is about pets, cartoons, friends, trucks, hedgehogs, or anything else. You should choose one that your child wants.
  • ‘Five-finger rule’ is always best while choosing a book. Open a book and ask your child to read the page for you. If your child cannot read five words on that page, it is not a good fit, and that book is probably difficult for your child. In this case, you should choose another book with less difficulty level.
  • Ask your child to read the page carefully. After that, ask relevant questions about that page. If your child can’t answer the questions, that means they can’t comprehend what they read. In such a case, this book is not a good pick, and you should pick a new book.




Reading and learning are essential for young children. But many children get tired of reading as they find it boring and difficult. After a long day of school, children don’t want to read more. But it is mandatory to teach a child how to decode words.


An interesting book with appealing pictures will help you to achieve your goal. If the book is colourful and has pictures, your child will not get tired of it. Instead, he will eagerly read the book. So, to help you and your beginning readers study, this article presents you a list of some interesting books that your child will love to read.


So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab these interesting books for your kindergarten.




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